We often find that our projects require tailored elements that are not readily available on the market. Here we profile some of the bespoke items we are working on as well as the highly skilled craftsman and artisans we are working with to develop these custom designs.

Rooftop spa made from bluestone

Elevated three levels above Albert Park, the rooftop terrace at the St Vincents Place Residence overlooks views to the Melbourne city skyline. Tucked inconspicuously onto the roof is a feature spa, custom designed in bluestone. The initial drawings for the design were deceptively simple, but the execution proved to be more than a little challenging. The spa itself was constructed off-site and craned onto the roof. Complex curves were carved from solid pieces of stone in order to create the continuous form in bluestone. The steps leading into the spa are formed by three overlapping cylinders of solid bluestone. The spa is positioned to make use of the city views and is surrounded by a landscaped terrace with a BBQ and refrigerator to create a self-contained entertainment area.

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Patchwork leather bedhead

Vogue Living’s Melbourne Editor, Annemarie Kiely referred to the custom-designed patchwork leather bedhead as “deserving of Abba’s Agnetha Faltskog, circa the 1970’s”. Her observations are in line with the original design intent, which is a reference to the patchwork style clothing popular in the 70’s. The idea was sparked on a routine visit to the Arthur G factory, when our Design Director, Broderick Ely came across the mountains of leather off-cuts. He was naturally inclined to imagine the opportunities to design upholstered furniture that could make use of this resource.

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Elm Slab Table

In wanting the furnishings to add something new, we sometimes look for something with interesting, inherent qualities that can lead to a piece that has a strong narrative of its own. The Elm Slab Table is one such creation. The piece was not so much a design to be drawn and then built but a process between the material itself and a series of slow interventions by talented tradesmen to bring the idea to life. Through that process, the table itself is an exploration of that particular tree and a celebration of the craft required to fashion that story into a dining table. It is a substantial and essential component that sits comfortably within the context of the room and provides a meaningful point to gather around.

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B.E develops custom mirror with integrated light and storage

The B.E Architecture designed round mirror is deceptively simple, concealing several functions into one sleek shape. An integrated light illuminates around the mirror to light the face for makeup application and shaving. Tucked behind the mirror is a discrete compartment which replaces unsightly medicine cabinets. With the aim of improving the daily rituals of life, the round mirror design streamlines the practicalities of a bathroom mirror and enhances the experience.

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Spring buds on 38-year-old grape vine

Typically in a new house, the landscaping is also new and takes more than a couple of years to establish. On a recent period restoration, we were faced with needing to use more established plants to contribute to the feeling of age through the project. Fortuitously, B.E Architecture’s design Director Broderick Ely noticed a mature ornamental grape vine in a suburban back yard while driving through Vermont. Standing taller than Brod, the vine was craned into the central courtyard of the inner city property. A custom stone planter was designed by B.E Architecture and crafted from a steel frame and shards of stone and covered in moss. The branches run the entire length of the terrace along the fence and are supported by custom hand-forged wrought iron brackets. The vine is now budding in its first Spring, as if it has always been there.

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Poured Concrete Entertaining Dining Table

The outdoor dining room at the Hopetoun Road Residence was expressly made for the purpose of accommodating a large group of people without impacting the flow of the interior of the house. The steel framed windows which enclose this area slide open to create a truly “outdoor” dining experience. The choice of concrete for the central dining table was borne from its proximity to the outside and the need for a robust material. The curved edge detail on the top and legs mitigates the potential ‘heaviness’ of the form, which at four metres in length is substantial. Once we arrived at suitable profiles for the top and legs, the fabrication needed to be worked out.

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Enkei Table Fabrication

The design for the Enkei table, embraces the more challenging nuances of inserting rounded element into a design in order to create a very special piece for a two of our clients. When making a round table from timber, it’s not as easy as gluing together sheets or blocks of timber together and cutting in a circle. We worked with the guys at Charles Sanford Woodturning who were able to bring together hundreds of wedges with a mirrored grain direction into a large circle, which was then turned by Charles himself. We then, entrusted the remarkable timber creations to Ray at Hawthorne Furniture Polishers to achieve a look that is not only technically difficult but well into the spectrum of artistic. Click through to see the process and a video of the woodturning!

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B.E built-in-sofa

We find many of our clients would prefer that their areas for entertaining focus on interacting with each other rather than to be consumed by the distraction of watching television. In our projects, we have been developing an alternative to maintain the living area and separate a purpose-built room expressly for enjoying watching television. The key to this design is a sofa that functions differently to most on the market. We took the built in sofa idea to the Leonard and his custom upholstery team at Arthur G who has hand crafted bespoke installations for three of our projects.

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Custom Perspex Ringlight

We believe that design doesn’t stop at the walls. Building a home is a textured experience and we often look to custom elements as a contrast to the architecture. We’ve just completed a new design for a 4 metre ringlight to hover over the living and dining room furnishings at the Armadale Residence.

The piece is loosely based on a kinetic sculpture made from…

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B.E’s Solid Granite Bath and Basins

B.E Architecture has designed a granite bath and basin to accompany the beautiful Eco 5 stone from Eco Outdoor. We are excited to see the first of these being installed at our Armadale Residence project, soon to be finished.

The baths and basins are textured by hand on the outside face and…

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