B.E Architecture + Kilburn Joinery

We realised many years ago the importance of the trades we work with and the significance of learning from them as well as directing them in our projects. Over the years, we have amassed a collection of highly skilled artisans with whom we regularly discuss design ideas and work with them to make these ideas come to fruition.

Paul Kilburn from Kilburn Joinery is one of these tradespeople. Kilburn Joinery is a family business that was started by Paul’s father who we have worked with our office for over 15 years. Their team specialise in all manner of solid timber details found in traditional or period houses. Kilburn Joinery has supplied many of our projects with one of a kind, hand-made items such as double-hung windows, solid timber doors, stairs, handrails, and bespoke furniture pieces.

Today we are featuring an item that we have been developing for a period renovation with Paul for a residential project in Huntingtower Road project in Armadale. As with most Victorian houses, the existing solid timber skirtings were not consistent throughout the house. Not only did the skirting profiles vary from one room to the next, but the junctions where the different details met were also busy and complicated.

We often reinterpret traditional details for our period home renovations and take great care to ensure the new details sit comfortably with the character of the Victorian home. The new skirting we’ve developed has a profile which includes a large rounded top that returns up the side of the door jamb to create a smooth, continuous detail around the door. For several months the concept was discussed and prototypes made by Kilburn Joinery, so our team and our clients could evaluate the design as it progressed. Seeing a full-scale example is helpful when talking about ideas with clients, especially when sometimes there is yet no precedent for what we have designed.

We look forward to showing you these details and others when the project is completed.