Elm Slab Table

We believe the choice of artwork and furnishing with a client is the opportunity to create a unique personalised space that is something different from the architecture that generally has more objective rather than subjective concerns. Our interiors draw from many different sources and are generally layers of different ideas which are not always sourced from local suppliers. Occasionally vintage or overseas pieces are able to be sourced which fill a void and create an interesting story. At other times, key pieces need to be designed and developed to complete the room.

In wanting the furnishings to add something new, we sometimes look for something with interesting, inherent qualities that can lead to a piece that has a strong narrative of its own. The Elm Slab Table is one such creation.

The piece was not so much a design to be drawn and then built but a process between the material itself and a series of slow interventions by talented tradesmen to bring the idea to life. The size was dictated by the size of the tree from which the timber was cut. The timber sourced was 100mm thick slabs with uneven surfaces, raised grain and organic edges, which are embraced in the final table. The ends have been rough cut by a chain saw and burnt rather than cut with machine precision. Where there were defects in the wood itself, large timber pieces were inlaid into the slabs to fill the areas without applied resins or fillers, keeping the alterations evident, adding to the feeling of authenticity. Bronze butterflies were used to join the large slabs without taking away from the focal point. The finishing is noteworthy in its unusual subtlety, providing an uneven application which enhances the natural grain rather than a factory clear spray which would have altered the look of the timber.

Through that process, the table itself is an exploration of that particular tree and a celebration of the craft required to fashion that story into a dining table. It is a substantial and essential component that sits comfortably within the context of the room and provides a meaningful point to gather around.