Bespoke Concrete Table

More often than not, a project will require us to manufacture one or more custom pieces of furniture to suit a particular idea, which may or may not be available on the market at any given time. The concrete table pictured was designed for a client we had already done several houses for over the years, who was in need of an outdoor feature table for entertaining in their home on Mary Street, West St Kilda.

The client had a strong appreciation of early modernist design and wanted the table to make a statement while also feeling quietly informal. The rear extension of the period home has a paired back aesthetic, using black metal cladding with steel frame windows. A bespoke terrazzo tile which we had made specifically for the project was used inside and outside. The concrete table was designed to complement the terrazzo tile which gave the impression it had been there long before any idea of a renovation had been considered.

A 3-piece steel mould was built and lined with sandblasted timber batons to create the textured finish on the underside of the table. Due to the sheer size and weight of the item, the 1.5 metre table was poured, polished, and sealed on site where it stills sits today.