Bluestone Rooftop Spa

Elevated three levels above Albert Park, the rooftop terrace at the St Vincents Place Residence overlooks views to the Melbourne city skyline. Tucked inconspicuously onto the roof is a feature spa, custom designed in bluestone. The initial drawings for the design were deceptively simple, but the execution proved to be more than a little challenging. The spa itself was constructed off-site and craned onto the roof. Complex curves were carved from solid pieces of stone in order to create the continuous form in bluestone. The steps leading into the spa are formed by three overlapping cylinders of solid bluestone. Interesting enough the sketches for the design were done on the back of an envelope.

The spa is positioned to make use of the city views and is surrounded by a landscaped terrace with a BBQ and refrigerator to create a self-contained entertainment area. The layout was carefully configured to avoid impact on neighbouring properties and create a private outdoor space for the client. The idea for the spa was one of the original inspirations the client brought in and was persistent about including it in the building.