Patchwork Leather Bedhead

Vogue Living’s Melbourne Editor, Annemarie Kiely referred to the custom-designed patchwork leather bedhead as “deserving of Abba’s Agnetha Faltskog, circa the 1970’s”. Her observations are in line with the original design intent, which is a reference to the patchwork style clothing popular in the 70’s.

The idea was sparked on a routine visit to the Arthur G factory, when our Design Director, Broderick Ely came across the mountains of leather off-cuts. He was naturally inclined to imagine the opportunities to design upholstered furniture that could make use of this resource. He was reminded of the colourful compositions made from small pieces leather fashioned into groovy street style, which he was familiar with in his youth, growing up in San Francisco.

The inspiration was gradually transformed into a specialty bedhead that uses geometric shapes which come together to form the bedhead. Drawing from the same period, there is a fine line of oak timber inlay where the pieces come together, which is a modern take on the 70s era furniture detailing. The patchwork continues along the bed base and the legs are crafted from oak spun into parabolic shapes.

The fabrication for the design was worked up with Leonard and the team at Arthur G. Brod and Leonard personally rummaged through piles of leather off-cuts to develop a sophisticated range of colours which evoke the 70s garments. The final piece is an unexpected bedhead that is intriguing and sustainable.