New projects are regularly commencing in the studio. With each of these exciting opportunities we explore a series of design options where we continuously challenge ideas until it reaches a point where the project develops a distinct identity and begins to take on its own momentum. These are some of the projects as they are developing in the studio.

Valley Parade Residence

Soon to be in construction, we are eager to share some new renders of the Valley Parade Residence. The owners of the family house, which is to be built in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris, emphasised the importance of a quiet, timeless façade, which led to the use of brick and in-situ concrete detailing for their earthy qualities.

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Church Street Residence

Located on an expansive portion of land in Brighton our Church Street Residence presents expansive existing gardens and outdoor areas as well as a beautiful Victorian home. The clients brief for this project was to emphasis interior and exterior living and maximum underutilised areas of the existing dwelling.

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Clifton Street Residence

It isn’t often that you have the opportunity to work on an inner city corner site with three frontages and city views, nonetheless our Clifton Street project is exactly that. An inner city sanctuary with designated zones for the downsizing family, the proposal takes full advantage of the sloping site with outward views from all three street aspects, whilst still maintaining the privacy of the occupants.

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Hawthorn Residence Renderings

B.E Architecture has been developing a design for a new family home in Hawthorn. The positioning of the house is set down into the landscape in the front set back, working with the slope which falls below the street level. The entry to the house becomes a secluded area and a reflection pond is positioned between the front boundary wall and the façade along the main entry path into the house.

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The Balgowlah Heights Residence in Sydney

We would like to introduce our latest project we are currently designing in Sydney. We have been producing projects in Sydney for more than 15 years and it’s an area we always enjoy working in. The city’s topology and climate encourages different conversations and ultimately requires a distinctive architectural response. The design for the Balgowlah Heights Residence has now moved from a concept stage to a defined plan and form. It has been a pleasure developing the ideas for the project with our clients who are enthusiastic and open to new ideas and willing to push the boundaries to create their family home. The proposed design is a series of stepped terraces that traverse the steeply sloping site and opens directly onto the foreshore of Reef Bay.

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Visualising the Mermaid Beach Residence Queensland

The Mermaid Beach Residence is a new family home positioned along a surf beach in Queensland. Working with clients with an appreciation of concrete, the building was designed primarily of exposed concrete internally, as well as externally, with the addition of timber shutters on the external windows to protect against the sun and weather conditions. The new renderings show the building’s design which positions the entry along the side of the building, opening into the “heart” of the house, with immediate views of the pool and graduated views to the beach.

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Design for Alma Road Residence

We’ve been working up designs for a new project – the Alma Road Residence in Armadale. Working with the clients, we have developed a building that is a quiet, simple form that separates two gardens. At the cross point of the main volumes, a gentle curve in the façade creates a continuous juncture. The skin of the building is made up of vertically laid white clay bricks, supplied from Spain, with matching flush struck mortar.

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Design for two new residences in Brighton

We have been commissioned to design two houses for one of our clients on a property in Brighton. With one being to keep and one to sell, each house is being designed with its own language and special feel. One is veiled behind a façade of operable timber shutters and the other is more solid and made from stone.

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Site visit to Mermaid Beach in Queensland

The beginning of a new project takes us on a site visit to Mermaid Beach in Queensland. We are looking forward to developing concepts that embrace the advantages of coastal life in Queensland. We have already begun the design for the new house and will be sharing more information as the design progresses.


Work Begins on a New Project in Sydney

B.E Architecture was recently commissioned to begin work on a design a house on the harbour in Sydney’s Balgowlah Heights. We are enjoying our site visits to gain an understanding of the steeply sloping site which will be active by a new building. Expect to see developing concepts over the coming months!

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