St Vincents Place Water Feature – We Make Things

When appreciating a finished product, interior, or home, one isn’t always aware of the creative problem solving that occurred in order for things to turn out the way they did. That is to say, things aren’t always as simple as they appear to be…

Such was the case when designing the custom water feature or ‘spout’ if you will, for the St Vincents Place Residence. The spout was to be part of the underground swimming pool beneath the home, which was built from the ground up behind the original period façade.

Both the spout and handrails were designed to be oversized to match the proportions of the space, and the rest of the house.

The main function of the spout was to project a solid tube of water into the pool, as well as being an outlet. Unbeknownst to us at the time, when a large volume of water is pushed through a tube it begins to rotate as it leaves the spout and sprays an irregular fan pattern. To counteract this, we designed an internal sleeve for the tube with directional fins to minimise turbulence and ensure that the water exits the pipe evenly. The result is a continuous tube of water flowing into the pool that is the same dimensions as the pipe itself.

Something that started as a simple idea ended up becoming a process of complex problem solving where the solution was not evident at the start. It’s these instances that not only make our jobs more interesting and creative but also allow for the best outcome for the client.