Vanity Mirror

The B.E Architecture designed round mirror is deceptively simple, concealing several functions into one sleek shape. While it is now fully resolved, the design required a few complex fabrication methodologies to bring it all together.

An integrated light illuminates around the mirror to light the face for makeup application and shaving. The mirror glass transitions to clear at the edge to create a seamless surface. The thin metal frame encases a light behind the clear edge, turning the mirror into a light when switched on.

Tucked behind the mirror is a discrete compartment which replaces unsightly medicine cabinets. The mirror hinges open and the custom cavity is built into the wall, virtually undetectable behind the mirror.

With the aim of improving the daily rituals of life, the round mirror design streamlines the practicalities of a bathroom mirror and enhances the experience. We have designed a few iterations of the design which have been installed into many of our recent projects for our clients.