New projects are regularly commencing in the studio. With each of these exciting opportunities we explore a series of design options where we continuously challenge ideas until it reaches a point where the project develops a distinct identity and begins to take on its own momentum. These are some of the projects as they are developing in the studio.

Mermaid Beach Site Visit

The beginning of a new project takes us on a site visit to Mermaid Beach in Queensland. We are looking forward to developing concepts that embrace the advantages of coastal life in Queensland. We have already begun the design for the new house and will be sharing more information as the design progresses.


Work Begins on a New Project in Sydney

B.E Architecture was recently commissioned to begin work on a design a house on the harbour in Sydney’s Balgowlah Heights. We are enjoying our site visits to gain an understanding of the steeply sloping site which will be active by a new building. Expect to see developing concepts over the coming months!

Designing Musk Creek Residence

Situated just below the crest of a hill in Flinders, the Musk Creek Road Residence is formed by a curving retaining wall following the shape of the property’s slope. Protected from winds by outer buildings, a central courtyard is formed, looking across the rural landscape to the ocean beyond. The entire estate was designed as an integrated master plan including a dwelling as well as landscaped gardens, broader site plantings, water collection, equipment storage and access. All the elements work together to support the complex realities of providing comfortable living on a rural country property.

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Bell Street Estate

B.E Architecture has designed two new town houses on Bell Street in Ripponlea. The site abuts the original historic residence to the Bell family, after which the street is named.

The new buildings have been carefully designed to…

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Malvern Road Residence Developing in Studio

When approaching a renovation to an existing structure there are often several ways of incorporating an extension. From the onset of a project we often consider various schemes before coming to the one which will be built. We have recently worked through these options for the design at the Malvern Road Residence.

The Malvern Road Residence looks at two options for an extension to a traditional Victorian residence…

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Farm plan at property in Flinders

B.E architecture believes the best results in rural properties come from considering all requirements at the onset. The first plans look to identify the best areas for farming, livestock, robust landscaping, and equipment as well as the ideal location for the dwelling. While some of these elements will be added over time, we find the groundwork is best laid early.

We have recently begun working through these zoning diagrams, working with farm planners and consultants to address a new property in Flinders with substantial acreage. The original diagrams will greatly inform the design for the house.

Renderings for the Middle Park Residence

We have just completed the renderings for a new design for a residence in Middle Park.

Facing a dense urban landscape, the Middle Park Residence is a new home with an inward orientation. The structure of the building made from concrete with a second skin of limestone. Throughout the building there is an interaction between these two materials that is both subtle and strong. Both light in colour and distinct in texture, the differentiation in the materiality is revealed…

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3D Models for Studley Avenue Residence

We are excited to share the 3D models of the Studley Avenue Residence currently being designed in the B.E studio. The residence is to be a new build on a steeply sloping block in Studley Park, close to the tranquil banks of the Yarra River. The house is a dynamic project for a returning client of ours, who was one of B.E’s first clients many years ago.

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