Irving Street Residences – In Studio

Earlier this year, B.E was approached by Figurehead to work with them on a new project on the corner of Irving and Stanhope Street in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern. The brief was to come up with a new approach to the multi-residential houses currently on offer in the market place. In place of the traditional apartment model, we developed the concept of three individual homes designed to fit comfortably together and best take advantage of the unique site. The key to our approach was to share common materials and details to imbue a sense of community while also giving each house its own distinctive identity. This is not a revolutionary concept and is evident in older towns and cities in places such as Europe. In these cities, there is a predominance of a specific local material or particular construction technique, which gives these areas their unique character and charm. This technique, when used en masse, builds consistency and creates a feeling of ‘quietness’. It is this quality that we wanted to instil in the design of the homes. The idea of drawing attention unnecessarily with self-indulgent architectural gestures or gimmicks is not something that we advocate in our work.

Working closely with the Figurehead to develop this project, our firm’s interest in craftsmanship and the importance of material choice was a driving factor behind the specification of these houses. Soft chalk toned brickwork combined with in-situ white concrete was designed to create a warm, textured palette of materials. The brick arches and colonnades are a contemporary take on architectural details that have stood the test of time, and reminiscent of the period homes that typify the area. To complement the architecture, Eckersley Garden Architecture has designed gardens that provide generous entertaining areas and respite for the occupants.

When built, the result will be three homes that are contemporary in form, but evocative of something that has stood the test of time, which sit appropriately amongst their surroundings. Irving St Malvern is an architecturally designed luxury project developed by Figurehead and delivered by Flux. The Irving Street Residences are currently for sale and being managed by Jellis Craig.

We are looking forward to showing you further progress as Flux  Commences construction in the coming months.


Branding by Latitude Group
Renders by Gabriel Saunders