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Upcoming auction at 57 Tivoli Road Residence

There are a few projects along the trajectory of an architectural practice which seem to culminate all of the best design philosophies into a “benchmark” project. For B.E Architecture, the 57 Tivoli Road Residence is one of those key milestones and is now for sale. The property is currently listed with RT Edgar and will be auctioned on the 9th of September. For more information contact the agent.

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Enkei Table Fabrication

The design for the Enkei table, embraces the more challenging nuances of inserting rounded element into a design in order to create a very special piece for a two of our clients. When making a round table from timber, it’s not as easy as gluing together sheets or blocks of timber together and cutting in a circle. We worked with the guys at Charles Sanford Woodturning who were able to bring together hundreds of wedges with a mirrored grain direction into a large circle, which was then turned by Charles himself. We then, entrusted the remarkable timber creations to Ray at Hawthorne Furniture Polishers to achieve a look that is not only technically difficult but well into the spectrum of artistic. Click through to see the process and a video of the woodturning!

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Preparing for handover at James Street Residence

Construction in the James Street Residence is nearing completion and is being currently being prepared for handover to the client. The project is positioned at the top of a hill in Richmond that looks back onto the Melbourne skyline. The response for the James Street Residence is one that allows the old and new components to be celebrated with distinct separation creating a literal cross section of old and new.

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‘Dontworry’ by Mark Hilton

Often a work by artist Mark Hilton will draw a viewer into its aesthetic appearance and intricate craftsmanship. Once captivated by its initial appeal, it reveals a palpable message about very tough subjects. While drawing from personal experiences, the impact of the broader message is universal and relatable. This is especially true of his work, Dontworry where the artist has created an installation of the words from finely detailed relief sculptures. B.E Architecture has introduced two of our clients to the work who have purchased individual letters to be included in their homes.

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Domain takes a closer look at B.E’s custom agate leadlight detailing

Through our projects, B.E Architecture has developed a very specific approach to period restorations which often looks at ways to reinvent the older, decorative elements of the house in a modern way. One of the artisanal details we have designed to address traditional leadlight doors and windows is a custom reinterpretation using agate instead of glass. Our design director, Broderick Ely recently spoke with Domain about our approach to period detailing and the development of the agate leadlight technique. Read the full article on the Domain website.

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Construction progress at Musk Creek Road in Flinders

The Musk Creek Road Residence is set on a sloping rural site in Flinders. The architecture uses a large curved wall that follows contour of the land to carve out a platform for the building. The gesture of the large wall can now be clearly seen in the concrete blocks on the construction site. The framing for the rest of the dwelling is almost complete with the roofline topping out soon. The framing reveals the rural views reaching all the way to the bay.

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The Australian – Interiors

The most recent edition of Australian’s glossy lifestyle magazine, Interiors, profiles the Armadale Residence by B.E Architecture.

B.E Architecture on Australia by Design

Tune into Channel Ten Saturday, July 15 at 3pm to see the Armadale Residence on the first episode of the new television show Australia by Design. The first episode will focus on the state of Victoria including our very own director Andrew Piva who spent some time with Tim and the film crew to take them through the Armadale Residence. In the coming weeks, we will be following along to see how the series progresses!

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Wallpaper takes its readers on a virtual tour of the Armadale Residence

Wallpaper magazine has created an interactive house tour through the Armadale Residence on their website. Take a virtual walk through for yourself.

B.E built-in-sofa

We find many of our clients would prefer that their areas for entertaining focus on interacting with each other rather than to be consumed by the distraction of watching television. In our projects, we have been developing an alternative to maintain the living area and separate a purpose-built room expressly for enjoying watching television. The key to this design is a sofa that functions differently to most on the market. We took the built in sofa idea to the Leonard and his custom upholstery team at Arthur G who has hand crafted bespoke installations for three of our projects.

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