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Custom Perspex Ringlight

We believe that design doesn’t stop at the walls. Building a home is a textured experience and we often look to custom elements as a contrast to the architecture. We’ve just completed a new design for a 4 metre ringlight to hover over the living and dining room furnishings at the Armadale Residence.

The piece is loosely based on a kinetic sculpture made from…

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Mermaid Beach Site Visit

The beginning of a new project takes us on a site visit to Mermaid Beach in Queensland. We are looking forward to developing concepts that embrace the advantages of coastal life in Queensland. We have already begun the design for the new house and will be sharing more information as the design progresses.

Est Magazine – In Profile

Collaboration is a fundamental component of the work that we do at B.E Architecture. We find that when approaching a design, we are able to achieve greater quality when we challenge the ideas on the table from multiple perspectives. For this reason, our designs are all developed by our three directors – Brod, Jon and Andrew.

Recently, all three sat with Est Living to elaborate on the firm’s collaborative creative process as well as their individual design inspirations. Read more in the full interview on their design blog.


Work Begins on a New Project in Sydney

B.E Architecture was recently commissioned to begin work on a design a house on the harbour in Sydney’s Balgowlah Heights. We are enjoying our site visits to gain an understanding of the steeply sloping site which will be active by a new building. Expect to see developing concepts over the coming months!

Solid Granite Bath & Basins

B.E Architecture has designed a granite bath and basin to accompany the beautiful Eco 5 stone from Eco Outdoor. We are excited to see the first of these being installed at our Armadale Residence project, soon to be finished.

The baths and basins are textured by hand on the outside face and…

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Construction at North Oatlands Road

When one of our favourite joiners decided to build a house, we were pleased to be asked to get involved. In between completing beautiful work for our clients, the couple behind Distinct Joinery have been working hard on their own family home in Yarrambat.

The design is a simple cruciform situated on the side of a hill…

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Meakins Road After More Than Ten Years

B.E Architecture has recently revisited the Meakins Road Residence more than a decade after the project was originally completed. The property is a large country estate with a comprehensive landscape plan which includes intimate rock gardens that bisect the house and “estate” planting to the surrounding gardens.

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Grand Design Magazine – Kooyongkoot Residence

We were delighted to receive the February issue of Grand Designs Magazine all the way from the UK including B.E’s Kooyongkoot Road Residence. The magazine included the clean-lined front entry that was recently competed in Hawthorn in their latest news section.

Park Street recently on YellowTrace

The Park Street Residence is a period restoration that reveals layers of history in a traditional Victorian residence. The project was recently featured on the popular design blog Yellowtrace. Head over to the blog to see more on the project.

Designing Musk Creek Residence

Situated just below the crest of a hill in Flinders, the Musk Creek Road Residence is formed by a curving retaining wall following the shape of the property’s slope. Protected from winds by outer buildings, a central courtyard is formed, looking across the rural landscape to the ocean beyond. The entire estate was designed as an integrated master plan including a dwelling as well as landscaped gardens, broader site plantings, water collection, equipment storage and access. All the elements work together to support the complex realities of providing comfortable living on a rural country property.

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