We enjoy the process of introducing our clients to the process of collecting art for their homes and businesses. These are a few of the exciting moments in the journey to acquire and install significant works into our projects.

Pat Brassington – Feature Artist

Artwork in a home should not be considered as an extension of the interior or merely as wall adornment. We like to think that a considered work of art or collection should elevate the experience of the viewer, generating thought, conversation, and a sense of engagement with its occupants. Artists such as Pat Brassington fall into the realm of the provocative and encourage conversations that challenge convention.

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John Taylor – Feature Artist

Curating individual works of art along with entire collections for clients’ homes is an important part of what we do in addition to architectural design, interiors, and landscaping. This week we are delighted to showcase the works of John Taylor, who has featured in several of our projects to date, keep reading to find out more…

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Berlinde De Bruyckere – Feature Artist

We are often asked by clients to assist with curating unique pieces of art, and sometimes even entire collections for their new homes. Art comes in many forms, and contemporary art requires more consideration than simply hanging a painting on a wall and finding a place for a sculpture. An example of this kind of thoughtful consideration for contemporary art was the acquisition of an artwork by Berlinde De Bruyckere called ‘Romeu My Deer’ for a project in Albert Park…

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Myriorama Series by Tony Clark

Segments of the Myriorama series, a repetition of adjacent landscape paintings, by artist Tony Clark often appear in B.E Architecture’s projects. Tony Clark is a contemporary artist from one of the most interesting periods of Australian art in the 1980’s. While the works are a conversation about art history, they are very approachable and instantly enjoyable. For these reasons, they make a great foundation piece for any collection.

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‘Dontworry’ by Mark Hilton

Often a work by artist Mark Hilton will draw a viewer into its aesthetic appearance and intricate craftsmanship. Once captivated by its initial appeal, it reveals a palpable message about very tough subjects. While drawing from personal experiences, the impact of the broader message is universal and relatable. This is especially true of his work, Dontworry where the artist has created an installation of the words from finely detailed relief sculptures. B.E Architecture has introduced two of our clients to the work who have purchased individual letters to be included in their homes.

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Sculpture by Heather B. Swann

We first introduced our clients to the works by Heather B. Swann at a group exhibition at TarraWarra Estate in the Yarra Valley. The sculptures Lumps and Sticks are forms often seen in the artist’s remarkable ink works on paper which we like to use in the interiors we create for our clients. The black sculptural figures have been positioned…

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Installation of light work by Nathan Coley

We enjoy introducing our clients to the concept of putting together a collection of art for their homes, working with galleries, artists and art auctions. It is our philosophy that the integration of art with a house is different than selecting a decorative element. We believe that art should be something that engages someone on an ongoing basis and encourages thought and discussion.

One of the significant works collected for our client at St Vincents Place has just been installed onsite. The lightwork HIAPWNEH by artist Nathan Coley, was acquired…

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