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Interior design

A new building can fall short if it is not accompanied by the furnishings, lighting and custom details that make it feel as though everything is where it should be. We work with our clients to building a collection of unique pieces that feel as though they could have been collected over a lifetime. Each adds texture and interest to the space and is tailored to suit the clients’ tastes as well as the building’s architecture.

When working with clients on an architectural design, we often find it advantageous to continue the relationship to develop a comprehensive interior design as well. Once the architecture is resolved, we are able to use our in depth knowledge of the future building to begin to select furniture, lighting and art. We begin the interiors process prior to completing documentation or construction so that we are able to make tweaks for any internal details. This also gives us time to source items over time from a wide range of sources.

We approach furnishings with a distinct point of difference from the architecture. The furniture and lighting is a human element that first and foremost needs to respond to the realities of living. While we look to select groupings of items that will endure over time, the scale of the items allows them to function in a different way. Often there is opportunity to bring in much more personality and elements of playfulness. Our interiors are colourful and textural and aim to create a lasting impression.

A complete interior package will include everything the space will need. This includes furniture, lighting, rugs, window coverings, accessories as well as art. We source items from local and international furniture designers and often incorporate rare vintage items.

Where a suitable option does not exist, we can design custom pieces of furniture and lighting. We work with a great network of quality craftsman and artisans to make bespoke furniture in Melbourne. We find that these details really raise the level of the spaces and add to the unique element in our interior design.