We find that there are many similar sets of conditions reoccurring across our projects and the ways of addressing them become more developed over time. These articles reflect on our experiences over the last 20 years and share insights on architecture and design that have been relevant for our practice.

Collaboration with Halcyon Lake

B.E Architecture recently teamed up with Halcyon Lake to design a unique custom rug for an upcoming residential project. The project, located in Sydney, requires a particular style of rug to add texture and colour to the interior which is also to be designed by the B.E team. The result is incredible, read more to see the finished product…

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Welcome, Maddy!

B.E Architecture is delighted to welcome Maddy Ellis to the team as the new Communications Manager…

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Meet the Team – Phoenix Wang

Have you met Phoenix? Project Architect, Team Leader, and she could be working on your next project…

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Mermaid Beach Residence – Completed

We are excited to announce our first project in Queensland is in the final stages of completion. This highly anticipated project, comprising of mainly concrete and timber, is situated on one the beautiful coastline of Mermaid Beach off Hedges Avenue.

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Visualising Mermaid Beach Residence

The Mermaid Beach Residence is a new family home positioned along a surf beach in Queensland. Working with clients with an appreciation of concrete, the building was designed primarily of exposed concrete internally, as well as externally, with the addition of timber shutters on the external windows to protect against the sun and weather conditions. The new renderings show the building’s design which positions the entry along the side of the building, opening into the “heart” of the house, with immediate views of the pool and graduated views to the beach.

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Introducing St Vincents Place Residence

As a modern renaissance home, the St Vincents Place Residence is a new archetype developed through reinterpretation of classical references. The client, as a patron, put his belief in architecture, artists and artisans to create a nourishing environment that goes beyond surface treatments by inscribing contemplative experiences into the physical form.

We are pleased to share images of the project, which is now included in our portfolio.

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Forthcoming Auction – 57 Tivoli Road Residence

There are a few projects along the trajectory of an architectural practice which seem to culminate all of the best design philosophies into a “benchmark” project. For B.E Architecture, the 57 Tivoli Road Residence is one of those key milestones and is now for sale. The property is currently listed with RT Edgar and will be auctioned on the 9th of September. For more information contact the agent.

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B.E Articles – Coming Soon

What are some of the unexpected considerations when building a rural property? How can you respond to a period residence so to ensure it is suitable for modern conveniences? What are some of the qualities that make a building truly improve over time?

We are currently working on putting together a series of articles by the design team at B.E Architecture discussing key topics in architecture and design that are relevant to the work that we do. Keep an eye out for further developments in the near future!

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