Visualising Mermaid Beach Residence

The Mermaid Beach Residence is a new family home positioned along a surf beach in Queensland. Working with clients with an appreciation of concrete, the building was designed primarily of exposed concrete internally, as well as externally, with the addition of timber shutters on the external windows to protect against the sun and weather conditions. The design gives little away from the front, presenting a façade composed of smooth off-form concrete and textured concrete. The texture is created by grinding back the skin to expose the aggregate within. The result is subtle and timeless.

The new renderings show the building’s design which positions the entry along the side of the building, opening into the “heart” of the house, with immediate views of the pool and graduated views to the beach. A suspended concrete beam extends around the outside perimeter of the pool area which helps to define and contain this area and becomes a focal point drawing away from the neighbouring building on the boundary.

A builder who specialises in insitu concrete, Pase Building, has commenced work on the project site. The first walls are being poured in place and we are working with the builder to refine the concrete detailing on site.

(Renderings by Yuri Diefenthaler.)