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B.E Architecture likes to be involved in the landscape design for our projects because it has a very important role to support the architecture. Although it is often one of the least costly elements of a project, it has the ability to heighten the concept and take it to a place it could not go on its own. As architects, we develop an intimacy with the building through the process of design that provides us with a deep understanding and respect towards the landscape elements that surround the building.

Landscaping is a different way of looking at life. It is not static the way a building is – it responsive and constantly changing over time. This evolution provides a whole different dynamic than bricks and mortar. In architecture we cannot create the veil and softness that you can with landscaping.

Recognising the power of this element, we are invested in making landscaping that is supportive of the architecture. We believe it is important that plantings introduced to the environment contribute to the evenness and balance of the design. Not only do you see the building sit within the framework of the landscaping but you are looking out into that framework from within the building. Just as we must consider the way light moves through the building, it is as significant for the architectural response to consider the landscaped views and view corridors that we create.

Over years of developing a project, we know the clients and we know the building. We understand the site lines and how you approach the building as well as how you might want to veil part of the structure. You get a good feeling about how you walk through, what you see and when you will see it. We look very critically at how to integrate a strong landscape around the architecture.

We enjoy working with clients to develop the landscape in a way that supports their way of life. We can tailor our approach to suit a dense urban property with a few pointed moments to interact with landscaping through the property or to activate the vastness of a large rural property to its greatest potential. The landscape for each project embraces a diverse, naturalistic planting experience, including native gardens, rock gardens, landscaped paths, vegetable gardens and water features.