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Period Restoration

A period home comes with its own unique identity that tells the story of the time and place it came from. We approach a building in a manner that is respectful of the originality that typifies a period home, often including decorative and ornate elements. Rather than completely eliminating them or attempting a faux replica, we have designed referential period details that are both appropriate to their context and fit for their modern purpose.

When designing within a period building we feel it is important to understand and incorporate the motivations of the client who has sought out this type of home. Often a key consideration is the unparalleled character created by the expressive detailing in elaborate woodwork, plasterwork and tiling patterns. In these instances, the only options are to slavishly recreate the original details or to replace them. Which prompts the question, what should they be replaced with?

As contemporary designers, we believe that the alternative is to reinterpret the original idea in a way that is equally appropriate to the period building and even more relevant to the modern use. We look for ways of reducing the ornamental details to their fundamental core so that they are simplified but still evoke the emotive qualities enjoyed by the client.

Having worked on projects covering various periods and locations, we have developed a series of responses applicable to the types of projects. Often these details feel like they could have always been there – some quite subtle and others distinctly unforgettable.

B.E Architecture’s approach to timelessness, which embraces the passage of time, is well suited to period homes. Where possible we maintain original items in a way that reveals their layers of history, restoring them so that you can see the difference between what is original and what is new. Whether approaching an existing or new detail, we work with time-honoured craftsman to create a building that feels authentic because it is.


Through working with these types of buildings, we are familiar with working within heritage regulations in Melbourne and Sydney. We work to create designs that are respectful of their heritage status and consult with heritage advisors whenever necessary.