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Country Houses

A house in the country is not like a house anywhere else. It has different opportunities and considerations that challenge every aspect of the design to respond to the rural conditions. The directors of B.E Architecture have close, personal experiences with rural properties and their complexities. Through these experiences, B.E Architecture has developed a comprehensive strategy to address all elements, with an understanding of how the dwelling will need to work together within the context of the larger property.

With the luxury of sprawling spaces and expansive views, comes a need for mindfulness about particular ways of living.

Our integrated approach looks at all possibilities for the site beyond the dwelling to consider landscape, vegetation, possible farming or livestock and all the necessary support structures to ensure that all items are compatible. We often work staging of projects to identify the best opportunities for efficiencies. We work with farm planners to evaluate the best conditions for the entire site which can have a large impact on the positioning of the house. Often strategic planning applications are required to ensure the clients’ goals align with the agricultural concerns of council and its best to understand all factors from the beginning.

In building rural properties, additional scale and remoteness, require a more thoughtful response rather than a simplified method. Without the protection of neighbouring developments typical in an urban context, rural properties are much more exposed to harsh weather conditions. They are also put to the test in terms of robust outdoor use and are often left for long periods. We design houses and landscaping with intense practicality and long-lasting solutions that will stand the test of time. This is a consideration in all of our work; however we know that this is challenged on an entirely different level in country houses.