Snap-Light Fitting by Est Lighting – Feature Product

This month we wanted to share with you one of the products we love and include in our jobs regularly. The ‘Snap-Light’ fitting by Est Lighting was first used by our office as a ceiling light to illuminate artworks in our projects. The light is mounted onto the surface of the ceiling so that the ceiling does not need to be penetrated, which maintains better insulation. The angle and movement achieved, along with the high CRI (Colour Rendering Index), create the flexibility needed in our projects, which is perfect for illuminating artworks and other finishes. The aesthetic is clean and simple, which means that when using the fitting in groups, the presence does not become overpowering or too ‘busy’. Recently we began to use the ‘Snap-Mini’ mounted above our beds as reading lights. The 90-degree tilt with 355-degree rotation and angled focus of the fitting make it a perfect choice for this application. The white or black colour allows for broader applications on a wide range of materials. Est Lighting Director James Zagari introduced us to this fitting a few years ago, and we have been specifying it in our projects ever since. After an incredibly successful launch, the brand new Est Lighting showroom, beautifully designed by Christopher Elliot Design, is now open in Richmond. If you find yourself in the area, make time for a visit. The snap light is an excellent product we are delighted to share with you and are only too happy to support local businesses.

Est Lighting showroom photographed by Jack Lovel.

St Vincents Place Residence photographed by Derek Swalwell.