Boneo Road Residence – Think Brick Awards

Earlier this month we were honoured to receive a high commendation in the Kevin Borland Masonry category at the Think Brick Awards. The awards, which have been running since 2005, encourage innovation and imagination with architects’ use of bricks, blocks, pavers, and roof tiles in their projects. Our Boneo Road Residence was one of 5 projects to receive a high commendation in our category, which features a concrete brick developed specifically for the project by National Masonry. Bricks were chosen as the primary building material to withstand the strong winds and weather conditions the Mornington Peninsula is often subject to. The design for the house was a series of brick ribbons that divided the house into segments; the master bedroom and associated areas, the living and entertainment area, and the guest quarters. The bespoke concrete bricks were laid with flush-struck mortar which using cement that matched the brick colour for a more homogenised finished surface. The cement brick was chosen for its ability to develop a soft patina over time, unlike its clay counterparts, which was more suited to the houses’ rural environment.