Armadale Residence – Completed

We are delighted to celebrate the successful completion of our latest project, the Armadale Residence. After hard work from the entire team involved with the build, our clients have recently moved in to their new home.

The monolithic structure looks as though it could have been carved from a single stone. The use of three types of granite unifies the external and internal spaces. While natural textures are all substantial on their own, when used together they create an evenness through the house.

In order for this to work, the architectural detailing was integrated with fine craftsmanship by the builders and stone masons. Working together, we were able to create subtle variation in the materials and intricate details where slight changes to the finish made the same material fit for different functions and applications.

While there is permanence to the structure, the internal spaces are light and open, especially in the main living space where retractable doors open fully onto the terrace.