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Kooyongkoot Road Residence Completed

Our clients have recently moved in at Kooyongkoot Road Residence, a new, three-level family home in Hawthorn. This project shows that one-off designs can be brought in on time and on budget when a client, architect, and builder (PRM) all work hard together from start to finish.

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Meakins Road Residence on the Market

“Fargeet” on Meakins Road in Flinders is an example of a B.E Architecture house in the country, that after 13 years, is being sold by its owners.

Set on 100 acres of land, the house is a representation of B.E’s interest in integrating…

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Stephen Crafti Tour – Ross Street Residence

Stephen Crafti is one of Australia’s premiere writers on design and architecture. He is a regular contributor to The Australian Financial ReviewThe AgeSydney Morning Herald and is responsible for more than 40 books on the topic. As an extension to his works in writing, he hosts architecture tours in Melbourne and abroad.

Over the years, Stephen has often approached B.E Architecture to bring guests through many projects including Hopetoun Road Residence57 Tivoli Road ResidenceDocker Street ResidenceCassell Street Residence and most recently the Brighton Road Residence. We are looking forward to…

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Est Living Features Park Street Residence

When it comes to period restorations for traditional Victorian homes, B.E Architecture believes that it is important to embrace the original architecture of the building. We look to emphasise the passage of time that is evident in the existing structure where possible. When restoration is not an option, we look for ways of rebuilding new elements in a way that is both modern and referential to the original period detailing.

Est Living Magazine has recently taken a closer look at B.E Architecture’s restoration and extension of a Victorian house at the Park Street ResidenceRead the full article on their website.

James Street Construction Progress

James Street Residence is a modern extension to a heritage building in Richmond. The timber worker’s cottage originally on the site is retained and reinforced as its own element. An angular, black metal addition is design in direct contrast so the two structures have clear separation. The form of the addition angles towards views to Melbourne’s skyline. The two are navigated via…

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Bell Street Estate

B.E Architecture has designed two new town houses on Bell Street in Ripponlea. The site abuts the original historic residence to the Bell family, after which the street is named.

The new buildings have been carefully designed to…

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Agate Leadlighting

Often working in period homes with irreparable leadlight entries, we are faced with the question of what to replace them with. As contemporary designers, we believe that the alternative is to reinterpret the original idea in a way that is equally appropriate to the historically significant building and modern context.

One of the answers we have developed over the last few years is…

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Malvern Road Residence Developing in Studio

When approaching a renovation to an existing structure there are often several ways of incorporating an extension. From the onset of a project we often consider various schemes before coming to the one which will be built. We have recently worked through these options for the design at the Malvern Road Residence.

The Malvern Road Residence looks at two options for an extension to a traditional Victorian residence…

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Canterbury Road Residence featured on Habitus Living

Thanks to Habitus Living for posting the Canterbury Road Residence on their online platform. The post shows the new residence made simple stacked volumes clad in rough lavastone.

Farm plan at property in Flinders

B.E architecture believes the best results in rural properties come from considering all requirements at the onset. The first plans look to identify the best areas for farming, livestock, robust landscaping, and equipment as well as the ideal location for the dwelling. While some of these elements will be added over time, we find the groundwork is best laid early.

We have recently begun working through these zoning diagrams, working with farm planners and consultants to address a new property in Flinders with substantial acreage. The original diagrams will greatly inform the design for the house.

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