Myriorama Series by Tony Clark

Segments of the Myriorama series, a repetition of adjacent landscape paintings, by artist Tony Clark often appear in B.E Architecture’s projects.

Tony Clark is a contemporary artist from one of the most interesting periods of Australian art in the 1980’s when such artists as Mike Parr, Dale Frank, Imants Tilllers started their careers. While the works are a conversation about art history, they are very approachable and instantly enjoyable. For these reasons, they make a great foundation piece for any collection.

The Myriorama series is a take on the historical tradition of large continuous wall hangings of landscapes that would cover the walls of period residences. Tony has in this series of work, adapted this to small canvas art boards where they can be placed end to end for countless permutations on the theme. Each board has the same foreground and horizon line so they can be displayed together despite which period of time they were completed. There are variations that can be seen in more recent works than those of the early 80’s but this is all a part of the experience of the piece. They are as relevant today as when they were first conceived.

Tony Clark’s work is represented in all major public and corporate collections in Australia. The artist shares his time between Canberra and Sicily and is represented in Melbourne by Murray White.