Meet the Team – Michael Gaetano

As our firm has grown over time, we have divided our designers into a series of smaller teams, each led by a Team Leader who reports to the Directors. This has enabled our firm to maintain the same level of focus and sensibility we had as a small practice. Our Team Leaders have worked with the Directors on many different projects, proving themselves over time as having the same values as the Directors, while each bringing their own unique characteristics to the office.

This month, we are introducing our third team leader Michael Gaetano.  Michael oversees some of the office’s most significant jobs both in Melbourne and Sydney with his team and is highly regarded by our clients and his peers. Michael’s exceptional 3D rendering experience has helped us to develop systems that better convey our designs to our clients. In addition to being a great team member and mentor to the younger staff, Michael also has a great sense of humour and an inquisitive mind. These character traits have instigated the staff’s foray with the daily paper’s crossword puzzles, which always makes lunch a fun group experience.