Malvern Road Residence Developing in Studio

When approaching a renovation to an existing structure there are often several ways of incorporating an extension. From the onset of a project we often consider various schemes before coming to the one which will be built. We have recently worked through these options for the design at the Malvern Road Residence.

The Malvern Road Residence looks at two options for an extension to a traditional Victorian residence with a complex plan set above the ground. For the first option, to rationalise the plan and bring it back to the ground, the original house is cut in half and closed off by a Catalonian-style facade as though it was originally built against it. A glazed gallery with a sculptural stair connects the existing residence to the modern extension at the back opening onto a private pool and planted terrace. The second option looks at attaching the new addition to the original structure.

Both are feasible options for expansion and we will work with the client to develop the one that best meets their needs.