Installation of light work by Nathan Coley

We enjoy introducing our clients to the concept of putting together a collection of art for their homes, working with galleries, artists and art auctions. It is our philosophy that the integration of art with a house is different than selecting a decorative element. We believe that art should be something that engages someone on an ongoing basis and encourages thought and discussion.

One of the significant works collected for our client at St Vincents Place has just been installed onsite. The lightwork HIAPWNEH by artist Nathan Coley was acquired after much discourse and red wine at dinner we arranged with our client and the artist to discuss the work. At that stage, the project was still on the drawing board and the three-storey light well was later included to house the 5 metre light installation.

The artist Nathan Coley is a renowned artist from Glasgow whose work is displayed around the world. ACCA held a major exhibition of his works in 2011 and he had several works in the 19th Biennale of Sydney in 2014. This work, Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens, has been displayed in the forecourt at ACCA.

While the scale and avant-garde nature of the work required a huge leap of faith when considered in a residential context, it is now hard to imagine the house without it. The house is designed to create a strong interaction with the art collection. Keep an eye for many other examples of these installations in the near future.