Anderson Street Residence – In Studio

The finishing touches on designs for the Anderson Street Residence are at last in their final stages. The residence will eventually house our client and their young family and is to be built in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn East.

The couple has strong cultural ties with their Indian Heritage, and fond memories of the architecture that surrounded them as children; buildings separated into clusters with courtyards and protected outdoor areas. They recall the red Jaipur Stone that was used both inside and outside their homes; how it reflected light and provided a beautiful contrast to the vegetation that enveloped the area. Our clients affectionately remembered these outdoor spaces and how they encouraged intergenerational family relationships. People of all ages sitting together, talking, and sharing food.

In our designs for their new home, we have tried to capture these concepts with the material palette and layout. A series of external courtyards were created by dividing the rear garden with a series of brick-clad roof forms on columns. The courtyards will be contained in a garden of tropical plants – a new plant typology we have thoroughly enjoyed researching.

It is important to remind ourselves that a house is designed for the people who will inhabit them, not for the people who create them. We find it immensely rewarding when we are able to grow our knowledge as a practice through our interaction and discussion of ideas with our clients. We look forward to showing you the final details of this home when it is completed.