Agate Leadlighting

Often working in period homes with irreparable leadlight entries, we are faced with the question of what to replace them with. As contemporary designers, we believe that the alternative is to reinterpret the original idea in a way that is equally appropriate to the historically significant building and modern context.

One of the answers we have developed over the last few years is the use of agate leadlight installations that capture the high impact, decorative qualities in a paired back way. Rather than creating ornate designs, it is a singular application of a material that relies on the natural variations of the stone like the artwork by Sigmar Polke.

Custom fabrication of the windows and doors uses the time-honoured leadlight technique combined with modern technologies, developed with Adadaz Leadlights. The stone is substantially harder than glass and it took several iterations to work out an effective cutting method. The space between each organically shaped slices of agate is filled with individually measured pieces of even more agate.