Design doesn’t stop at the walls. Every choice made is a design decision from art to furniture and it’s often a daunting task for clients presented with a new home or business. For this reason, B.E Architecture offers a level of design service that is as detailed or as broad as the client requires. Our team works in collaboration to create a physical living environment, from integrating gardens to curating and creating unique objects to populate spaces. We refer to this as complete service.


The quality of a building is greatly impacted by its surroundings. Thus, we use an integrated approach to landscaping, developing the built and planted elements simultaneously to support one another. All aspects of the site are considered at once to create holistic environments inside and out.


With the aim of creating a memorable space, B.E composed interiors with a mix of textures and time periods, as a collection of items that look as though they have been carefully collected over many years. Complete presentations include all items from furniture and lighting to curtains, rugs, and accessories.


B.E Architecture regularly designs custom items to add the finishing touch to a space. As an extension of the quality craftsmanship in our buildings, these are the small details that make it feel as though everything has been thought about. The furnishings are tailored to suit the needs of each project and often developed through multiple projects.

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